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What we do

Tijdlab is able to provide a glimpse to other times. Since the start in 2015, we have distinguished ourselves by developing innovative, accessible and modern tailor-made solutions for home and abroad.

“Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.”

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Rob van Haarlem
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Thomas Verhoeven
E. Thomas@Tijdlab.nl
Tomas Schuurbiers
E. Tomas@Tijdlab.nl
Lars van Dorenvanck
E. Lars@Tijdlab.nl
Daan Dijkhuis
E. Daan@Tijdlab.nl
Marloes Bekhuis
E. Marloes@Tijdlab.nl
Brandon van Doorn
E. Brandon@Tijdlab.nl

Our Vision


Knowing is great but by being involved your are truly experiencing. So what if that what you want to experience does not exist, no longer exists or just is inaccessible? In this case, we often fantasise about a time machine. Einstein taught us that “time travel” is mathematically possible. He showed us that time and space were relative. Even though we are not big mathematicians as Einstein, we do believe that time travel is possible.

The focus of Tijdlab does not lie on selling one particular service or a particular product. But on making the timeline accessible. With technology and innovation Tijdlab opens the passageway to the time you want to experience.

Our Mission


Tijdlab believes in the power of innovation. Virtual Reality, smart products, applications and self-thinking software. They are things that change our lives and that will play an increasingly important role in the future. Tijdlab believes that technology should be understandable and simple. No trouble and no hassle. Moreover, technology must be reliable. To be able to give that guarantee, we are constantly investing in innovation. By constantly looking for new combination options, collaborations with various specialists and new technical applications, we can work on new ideas in a responsible way to assist our clients by offering them solutions or taking tasks and burdens off their hands.


Onze Partners


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Do you want to know what we can do for you? Then look here for an overview of the various knowledge that we have in-house. If you think we can do something for you, but it is not among the various options that we offer, we are not afraid of a challenge. Feel free to send a message with your question. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Would you like to meet us or talk about a certain idea? Feel free to come by for a no-obligation introductory meeting! A cup of coffee is ready for you.

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