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The innovative platform IMMU offers all the tools for the digital work of an archaeologist. The platform is suitable for basic drawings, ASK and analyzes. IMMU is an online cloud solution that also works offline. Because if this IMMU is completely webbased organizable and manageable. The app seamlessly connects to open source techniques and is able to link to external data sources that meet open standards such as WMS. The viewer has a sleek and contemporary appearance, is very amiable and adaptable to all your wishes.

In addition, road maps and satellite images can be chosen by the user self. Data from desk research and possibly earlier research can be included immediately. For example, maps such as the AHN, geological and historical maps are available directly within the project.

Work process

What we offer is contemporary software for the operational work of the archaeologist. Whether it is a desk study or a definitive excavation, IMMU is suitable for any research.

The results from the desk research can be quickly compared, assessed and published. The maps from the desk research will remain available in the field. This way you have all the needed information at hand during both the preliminary investigation and the excavation. Finally, all definitions for the database (such as various lists, dropdowns, the contents of dropdowns, possible relations, etc.) can be predefined.
IMMU offers a safe working environment. Because the administrator
himself determines who has access to the various projects, the information remains, if desired, separate for unauthorized persons. It is possible to use the ABR directly within IMMU. The system constantly updates itself, edited information, signed information and changed configuration are immediately available to all users. This makes IMMU a central, current, identical and safe environment for the entire team.

Equipped with every modern convenience

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Insightful workflow

The use of IMMU provides a grip on all collected information concerning an archaeological research. Seeing that, immediately upon use, you have access to all collected information, we offer clarity and control over the progress of the research. With IMMU the complete archaeological survey will be measurable and transparent on the spot, so that all your employees are involved and have all the needed information at hand. You have all the information collected in one device. The measurability and clarity ensures transparency and efficiency in the implementation.
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With IMMU you can simply keep your own database. We just link your current database to the new one. You do not have to worry about losing your current data. If desired, we can also create a new database that exports all old data to the new database.

In the field, all data is processed directly in the map viewer that is linked to the database. As soon as there is a new geometry subscribed, the user must first enter the information for the database. This check ensures that no blank data remains during fieldwork and ensures that a direct link is created between all geometries and the database. The approach of the system is to minimize the work in the office. Thus it will no longer be necessary to georeference or link the data to a database.

Map layers

IMMU distinguishes itself through its unique, modular structure and excellent performance, even with large amounts of data. The map viewer is a suitable part of applications such as advisory processes, executive work and presentations. After all, cards are a much stronger means of communication than, for example, a report. Especially on devices like a Touchtable.

It is possible to make different (standard) map layers available during each excavation. Think of topographical maps, aerial photographs, height files, geological maps and / or the IKAW (indicative map archaeological values). It is advisable to load the trench plan in the software prior to the excavation. Also for offline use in the field, it is important to pre-load the maps.
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KNA Conform

The software for the live signing of archaeological data during an excavation has been developed purposefully for the archaeological market. This means that the software will contain all the requirements of the KNA 4.0 for digital drawing, analogue drawing and the digital collection and documentation of data. In addition, the BRL-4000 and the Archaeological Base Register are taken into account within the software.


By directly keeping track of the user who worked in the field during an excavation or in the office elaborating the excavation, we can justify the hours that fall within the certification.

The administrator can retrieve directly from the database which user contributed to the database and which traces he or she has measured. The time of surveying is also known, as a result of which the time spent is validated.

On & Offline

When working in remote areas, it is practical to have your information at hand. Fortunately, IMMU works completely offline. You can work for hours and hours without an internet connection or downloads and updates. The use of map layers offline in the field requires that the needed maps can be pre-loaded in to the system. This application makes it possible to take all information from the desk research and possibly other preliminary investigations compactly along the field.

Through the link between the measuring equipment and a hand-held device of a field computer, all steps in the field can be followed live digitally. All information from tracks to finds are directly stored digital. Doing this, digitizing the excavation at the office is largely done in the field. After receiving a internet connection, it is automatically synchronized.

Saving time

When you automate your business processes, you keep an overview, this will result in time saving and fewer mistakes being made. IMMU actually creates value for her customers. There is detectable more work done in less time. It is very important that all departments within your company communicate well with each other. IMMU is extensive, modular designed and is very user friendly, making it one of the most relevant packages of this time.

“Less time needed for administrative tasks,
more time for things that truely matter “


Attractive on all devices

The modern IMMU Viewer looks sleek and fresh. During the development of IMMU, much attention was paid to an optimal user experience and simple operation. This way we offer you a pleasant use.

Map your world

With our open data you can start immediately. Provided by our data partners, optimized by data experts. IMMU ensures that map layers are automatically ‘cached’. This makes map layers instantly available. This produces very fast response times.

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Simple management environment

The management environment of IMMU makes it possible to organize your online maps entirely to your own wishes. You decide how your website looks, what map layers are displayed and who can see what.


The physical hosting of GeoApps takes place in our high-quality data center in Groningen, with various backup locations spread throughout the Netherlands. These data centers have proven themselves with an availability over the past ten years of 99.999%.

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Simple management environment

With its fresh look, the Management Environment will look familiar to you as a user. You compose the buttons yourself and you decide what your website looks like, which map layers are displayed, who can see what, etc.

We realize that you will have to get used to it. But we are also convinced IMMU takes the time-consuming work off the hands of the specialist. We have implemented many improvements that make it easier to process information, build databases and provide direct insight into the information gained. This reduces the information processing process during and after the fieldwork.

Our Dream

It is our dream to have more than half of the Archaeological Excavations run through our software by 2028.
This allows your professional professionals to get the most out of their work every day. We strive to take a progressive role in the development of smart software solutions. Our focus is on the satisfaction of, and applicability for, our users.


We believe in the power of collaboration.
We do this intensively with both product providers, developers and buyers to support each other as well as possible.
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Want to know more?

We cordially invite you for an informal meeting. Tijdlab is located in the innovation center of Deventer, the former Gas Factory. Our office is located a short distance from the A1 motorway and is also easily accessible by public transport. We are also happy to help you with your project or practical questions, for example about 3D presentation or other digital solutions.
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