Tijdlab has grown from giving guided tours to a company that specializes in presentation of cultural heritage. We develop Augmented & Virtual Reality applications, mobile apps and presentation tools such as hologram showcases & touch screens.

With our shared love for history, Tijdlab does not deliver standard products. We are concerned with the innovative improvements of the current situation and appropriate knowledge transfer for the public. In order to meet all requirements, we work closely with a variation of professional specialists from a wide arrange of fields. Following the customer’s request and need, we can also assist you, if necessary, with matters such as marketing, project management, programming, design, text writing, subsidy applications and other solutions.

Tijdlab is able to create an experience that directly matches the demand, the idea and the corporate identity of the client. Tijdlab thinks along about the most suitable solution, such as a promotion, educational foundation, communication tool or executive tool. We design, dispatch and take care of maintenance afterwards. We do this with our own team, but also with many collaborations with our partners. As a young company, this is how we achieve a desired result in an innovative, accessible and modern way.

Are you looking for a strong, innovative concept with your museum, community, school, foundation or other company? From the ideation to the conclusion, you can go to Tijdlab to come to the best application together. Would you like to know more about us or would you like to come take a look?
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What we do

tijdlab tookit icon 3dmodeling

3D Modelling

3D modeling your object / product makes it possible to virtually show your customers all possible views and applications.
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3D Scanning

3D scanning is in fact the opposite of 3D printing, the shape of an object is translated into digital information.
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3D Printing

Holding it for a moment before it is produced? If you want to do this, 3D printing is the perfect outcome.
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Hologram Vitrine



TouchTable is a super user-friendly MultiTouch screen. The ultimate tool to involve your discussion partners interactively with your idea or project.
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Drones were originally developed for military applications. Nowadays drones are also used for useful practices such as scans or media and film applications.
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360º Opnames

High-quality 360º videos using the latest technology in the field of virtual reality.
Of course you can view this trough Virtual Reality glasses.
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Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality (VR) you put glasses on your face to place yourself in a different world. The glasses register movement, making it seem like you really are in a different world.
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Augmented Reality

ugmented Reality (AR) is a technology that connects reality with the virtual world. It is a mix of reality with a virtual addition or enrichment.
tijdlab tookit icon 3dmodeling


Together with the client, a graphic designer designs and determines the corporate identity, the lay-out and the typography of advertisements and brochures.


Whether it is a desk study or a definitive excavation, IMMU is suitable for any research.

Our Team

Rob van Haarlem
T. 06 218 40 425 
E. Rob@Tijdlab.nl
Thomas Verhoeven
T. 06 55 68 36 61  
E. Thomas@Tijdlab.nl
Jeroen Bolhuis
T. 06 522 64 797 
E. Jeroen@Tijdlab.nl
David van Coevorden
E. David@Tijdlab.nl
Tomas Schuurbiers
E. Tomas@Tijdlab.nl

Our mission


Tijdlab has two very diverse missions that are closely linked. We want to modernize the archaeological field in a positive way and we want to connect the archaeological field with the public audience. Why? To introduce as many people as possible in an educational way to their cultural heritage.

Two specific tasks with different possibilities. Don’t just think about tours and museum equipment, but about 3D-reconstructions and 3D-applications, new software and a lot more. Tijdlab is located at the Gasfabriek in Deventer. The Gasfabriek is a Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Deventer where companies, startups and education come together. Within BIC the possibility exists between companies to use each others specialties very freely. This often results in innovative and disruptive ideas/ promising propositions.




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Latest News


19 hours ago


Vandaag hebben we met Anita Portanje en Martijn Haitink 360 graden opnames gemaakt om virtueel door het pand te lopen. De beelden moeten uiteindelijk gebruikt gaan worden om monumenten duurzamer te maken! Super gaaf om hieraan mee te werken! Meer weten? Bezoek de stand van het Restauratiefonds tijdens de beurs Monument van 14-16 mei. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago


Op uitnodiging van Mitchell Brown verzorgden we een workshop over manieren om 3D content in te winnen en hoe deze gepresenteerd kunnen worden. Wederom interessante organisaties, mensen en ideeën leren kennen op de Museum Vakdagen in het Evoluon in Eindhoven City. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago


Vandaag waren we te gast bij de opening van Educatief Experience Center Eerste Wereldoorlog! Wat een geweldige inzet van vrijwilligers en sponsoren om dit project te realiseren. De ideale locatie om kinderen te leren over het leven in de loopgraven! 's-Hertogenbosch, Pieter Pronk, North Brabant, Eerste Wereldoorlog ... See MoreSee Less

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